Current Equipment

Sequential Pro 3

The Pro 3 is a stroke of genius by Dave Smith. It has a fat sound due to two analogue and one digital oscillator and many adjustment possibilities through direct access.

Roland System 8

The System 8 has a modern sound and has implemented the classics Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and JX-3P as plug-ins.

Roland MKB 1000

Masterkeyboard with weighted wooden keys and velocity for controlling the expanders.

Oberheim Matrix 6R

I love the typical warm and soft Oberheim sound with its very own character.

Roland U-220

The all-rounder in my setup. Whether piano, string or drum sounds: the U-220 has it all.

Yamaha TX7

The classic synthesizer from the 80s as a sound expander.

Fame Hybrid Pro

Drum module with sensational sounds by Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann.

Former Equipment   

Sequential Circuits Pro One

My first synthesizer with a sensational sound. I played this synthesizer from 1982 until 2023, when I replaced it with a Pro 3.

Roland Juno-6

My first polyphonic synthesizer. Unfortunately, at that time it had no memory and no MIDI.

Roland JX-3P

I played this synthesizer until 2021 and then replaced it with the System 8.

Roland TR-808

The legendary drum machine from the 80s. I sold it to none other than Klaus Doldinger himself. Sometimes I regret the sale a little...

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

At the time, a good alternative to the Linn drum, which I could not afford. There were modified Eproms for this device available from Synthesizerstudio Bonn.


Me with Simon Phillips (03.05.2016) and Joseph Williams (14.07.2019)